This post is to honor those great dogs that have left us, whether it be recently or many years ago. This is for those who touched out lives in such a way that is unforgettable. For the ones that taught us life lessons, the ones who we loved in a different way than the rest.
Here are my greats

Mack ~ A truly honorable dog, one who loved his family and did so until his dying day. He was fantastic and noble in every way. He was gentle, yet tough. Playful yet calm. He was our very best friend and the love of our life. He will forever go down as the greatest of them all, no matter who comes after him.

Honey Bear ~ The comic relief of our lives. For 15 years we were graced with her precense and her antics. She was sassy, oh was she sassy, but she was so loving and so patient with all of us over the years. She was a good mommy, a good teacher, the matriarch of our home (dog wise). We miss her and what she brought to our lives.

Abigale ~ My girl, forever and always. She is my heart in so many ways. She is the first Wolfhound I ever picked out, she was the first Wolfhound I was ever around as a puppy. She was true to the standard in all ways. She was a Wolfhound through and through. One who loved people but would defend those she loved with her entire being. I can't say enough about her and how much I loved her.

Hambone ~ A dog who did his job and did it well for many years. He protected my mom, which is the greatest thing I could ever ask of him and I must thank him a thousand times over. She misses you dearly big guy. He was just there in so many ways, and I do not mean that in a bad way. He was there when my mom couldn't walk without him, he was there when I cried for whatever reason. Many found comfort in his fur and soulful eyes. He did the dog show thing for me, even though it was not his first choice of activities. But he did it and I know he did it for me. I have so much to thank him for, but most of all just for being him.