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Thread: pregnant question

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    pregnant question

    My doberman was surgically implanted and was taken to the vet on day 28 to be palpated. The vet felt a puppy or something, we waited 4 days and also did blood test which was neg, ( i know they can be false neg with a small litter). My dobe did pink up around 2-3 weeks and has been hand walked everyday. I haven't increased food as I didn't want her to get fat if she wasn't pregnant or the puppy if there was only one. She has gotten very thick in fact about 4-5 inches rounder, her mammary glands are developing and teats are still pink and a little bigger. I'm on day 54 and haven't really felt a puppy, but she could be caring it up high. She is being x-rayed tomorrow. My Question is do you think she is pregnant.

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    Does she have a clear sticky discharge? It sounds like a very good chance that she could be. With one or two pups some people never feel them move is what i have been told. I have always been able to feel them move at about 7 weeks but my smallest litter has been 4 pups so far. I am going through this myself right now. My girl is 43 days today and I have not felt any movement yet. Good luck and I hope you get good news. Keep me posted please.
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