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Thread: Moxie Is Now Fully Crate Trained!

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    Lightbulb Moxie Is Now Fully Crate Trained!

    I just wanted to share my crate training journey with you guys here at pro dog grooming supplies and hope that it helps new owners using the crate for the first time with their pup.

    We brought Moxie (our new Cavoodle) home with us and she was a dream come true until she peed on just about every spot on our carpet. After that we knew it was time for a change. My partner had a dog before, but I had never had a puppy so I needed some help and guidance with what to do. When we started using the crate she did whine a but but she settled down after a night or two. 5 months later moxie is now fully potty trained thanks to this free guide we used. I hope this helps new owners as much as it did me. Check it out

    If you have any questions just post below and I'll do my best to answer them!

    Here's our beautiful Moxie!
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    Gorgeous doggy!

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    Gorgeous doggy!

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    That’s great! She’s so cute!
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