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Thread: Cyst on Anus......gross

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    Cyst on Anus......gross

    Hey, ya'll. I have an 8 year old Boston Terrier. Last Thursday, he had a cyst removed from his anus. Basically, it looked like a little wart right on his ********. It was on the outside of his bottom and the vet said it was not an invasive surgery--didn't involve getting into any of his muscles back there or anything. Well, since then (we're on day 5 after the surgery) he has been pooping little nuggets in his sleep. It happens when he is really relaxed. He doesn't just poop while he's walking around or awake. He is eating and drinking normal and going outside to potty, but things just aren't "normal" back there yet. I'm hoping after a good week, things will be back to normal.

    Has anyone else had to have a procedure like this done on their dog? If so, did things go back to normal? I'm so paranoid he is going to always be leaving poop balls anytime he sleeps! He normally sleeps on our furniture and in the bed with us at night. Right now, I've been keeping him blocked in the kitchen and sleeping the the guest bed (covered with blankets for him to lay on that I wash in the morning). I'm just praying this will end soon!!

    I will say--before this procedure, we would notice there would be little poop smudges in his crate.....not an actual poop ball, but a he was trying really hard to hold it in. Not sure if this procedure has ruined him or not. The vet did not seem concerned. Said it's still early and give him a good week to recover. I'm feeling guilty......if I had known he'd be pooping in his sleep the rest of his life, I probably wouldn't have had the cyst removed.

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    I would listen to the vet. Give him more time to heal. If he hasn't healed in a reasonable time I would talk to the vet again.

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