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Thread: Author Seeking Dog Health Anecdotes for New Book

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    HAVE YOU GOT A HEALTH STORY YOU'D LIKE TO PUBLISH? WOULD YOU AND YOUR DOG LIKE TO BE PUBLISHED? I am contracted with Adams Media, Inc., for a dog book entitled: Dog People Do It Better, to consist of 200 anecdotes, each about 250 words in length. If your submission is selected to appear in Dog People Do It Better, (and most likely it will be) you will receive a free copy of the book and your dog, everlasting glory!J Along with your short story, please send a brief biography of yourself of about 50 to 75 words. Your name will appear with each of your anecdotes. I also need your snail mail address to send you the publisher’s form for your permission to print. It must be signed and returned to me. Anecdotes can be happy or sad, angry or glad, successful or embarrassing – in a word, whatever you and your dog want to share! Each will be edited for insertion into the book and followed by a short reflection for living drawn from the story (by me or by you, whatever you prefer). The idea is that dogs help us improve our lives! The book goes on sale in autumn 2004. Please email your story to or call me at (718) 633-9678 for mailing instructions. My book, Who Moved My Bone: A Guide for the Multi-dog Home is also being published by Adams Media and goes on sale in late summer 2004. I hope you’ll participate in this exciting project. Thanks for reading!
    - Theresa Mancuso, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
    Theresa Mancuso, Brooklyn, New York

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    Please there was no need to post this on all of the boards. Just the general one would have been ok. Another reason is that your subject wasn't to do about dog training or health. Thankyou. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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