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    has anyone tried the chicken soup for the dog lovers soul dog food? my dog has had natural balance in the past. I can't decide which is better. ANYONE KNOW? he has taken a liking to the chicken soup, but want the healthiest for him

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    Can't say that I have heard of 'chicken soup' ...I give my guy Innova dog food. I'm curious to see what others have to say.
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    We've gotten sample packs and given it as treats just because it was there. But going by my general rule, I wouldn't put it in my mouth, so I don't expect my dogs to eat it. (Not that I would make a meal out of my dog food, but I have tasted it.)

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    Chicken soul for the dog lover's soul

    I was giving this food to my dogs- it is made by Diamond and it is their high end food. Some say because Diamond is so large, it can't be that premium, and other sites have said that it is an excellent ingredient food. The only reason I am not feeding it to my dogs anymore is because one of my dogs has allergy issues and I am trying to figure it out by feeding minimal ingredients foods.

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